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Welcome to September Icons! What will you find here?

Icons, predominantly concerned with, but not limited to, certain fandoms listed down below in the interests section. But you will also find art icons, stock icons, political icons, quotes, lyrics and poetry icons, and icons of whatever subject happens to tickle my fancy at this moment or the other. It's best you come in and take a look around for yourself.

Occasionally you may stumble upon a resource post here and there, that means brushes, textures and tutorials (though not right now as the journal received a complete makeover, and not everything is back in place yet).

There may or may not be the odd colorbar, friends only banner, header, wallpaper or background image at some point in the future.


Yes, there are rules, but they are simple and - I daresay - common among LJ icon makers and resource providers:

Comments are nice. I love feedback, and don't be afraid to give concrit.
Credit would be awesome, but is not strictly necessary where icons are concerned. For resources, due to the fact that they take more time to make, I would like to ask you to place a link back to september_icons in your credits post.

Hotlinking and theft of icons or resources - please don't do it. Just don't. That means no direct-linking to graphics posted on this journal, and no claiming you made icons or resources posted here. Thank you.


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Oh, and please enjoy your stay. :)